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EC1003 MODEL Question Paper

 (Regulation 2004)        Electronics and Communication Engineering
(Common to B.E. part time) sixth Semester Regulation 2005)
Answer all questions                                                                 PART A – (10*2=20)

1. List the performance enhancing features found in a modem processor.
2. What is CPU over clocking and what are the failures associated with CPU
3. What are the feature that handled as Southbridge chipset
4. List the common entries that are found in the standard CMOS setup menu.
5. What are the recording techniques used with CD – ROMs and hard disk drives.
6. What is region code control used with DVDs.
7. List the features of IEEE 1284 standard for parallel peripheral interface.
8. List the general steps involved in 3D rendering.
9. What are the components involved in a plug and play systems.
10. What are the signal wiring techniques for SCSI and mention their impact on bus performance.
                                                       PART B – (5*16=80)
11. (a) (i) Discuss the importance features of the Pentium 4 microprocessor.
(ii) Explain how the CPU, the motherboard, system RAM and CPU cooling influence CPU over clocking.
(b) (i) Explain the different types of memory modules used in the PC.
(ii) Explain the different types of specialized memory devices that have been tailored to serve specific functions in the PC.
12. (a) (i) Show the block diagram of Intel D850GB Pentium 4 motherboard and explain the function of each block.
(ii) Discuss briefly a typical PC boot process.
(b) (i) Illustrate an application of a typical chipset.
(ii) Describe briefly the core features of BIOS.
13. (a) (i) Describe the IDE features and architecture.
(ii) Discuss the function of different RAID modes.
(b) (i) Show a typical hard drive sector layout.
(ii) Explain the different ways to implement a hard disk servo mechanism.
(iii) Illustrate the electronic block diagram for a typical CD drive.
14. (a) (i) Explain the functions of various parallel port timing diagrams.
(ii) Discuss the array of features provided in today’s 3D graphics accelerators.
(b) (i) Show the typical parallel port timing diagram.
(ii) Explain the function of various serial port signals.
(iii) Show the block diagram of external and internal modem and explain the operation.
15. (a) (i) Explain how the USB trouble shooting can be carried out.
(ii) Explain the function of the signals on a PCI bus.
(b) (i) Show the block diagram of the AGP interface and explain the function of each block.(ii) Explain briefly the following1) Plug and Play devices 2) SCSI Concepts.


2005 Calicut University B.Tech Information Technology HARDWARE SYSTEM DESIGN Question paper


answer all questions
1.a) what are the spatiality of CMOS RAM.

c) what is meant by interrupt books?

d) what is meant by memory paging?

f) list the features of pentium pro.

g) what is DMA? give brief explanations.

h) write short note on PCI bus. [marks 8*5=40]

ii) what are the different types of interfaces give examples? [marks 7]
 i) what is meant by BIOS? [marks 5]
ii) explain the various parts of a PC mother board. [marks 10]

ii) what are the features of dynamic ram. [marks 5]
ii) write short note on video displays. [marks 5]

ii) what are the different classifications of interrupts. [marks 5]

Possible 2 mark in unit 2

  1. What is socket? Write example?
  2. Different between p3 and p4 motherboard.
  3. Write short note on expansion slot.
  4. What is form factor?
  5. Write any four form factor?
  6. Write the steps to upgrading a mother board.
  7. Write short note on chipsets.
  8. Write short note on Intel 850 chipset.
  9. What is Northbridge?
  10. What is Southbridge?
  11. Compare Northbridge, Southbridge.
  12. What is the use of CMOS?
  13. Define CMOS/
  14. Write first five steps in POST operation.
  15. What is BIOS?
  16. Write short notes on BIOS?
  17. Write the feature of BIOS.
  18. What are types of Power Management?
  19. Write the Power Problems.
  20. What is BIOS Beep Codes?
  21. Write four BIOS Beep Code.


Unit 3

  1. What is Track?
  2. What is Sector?
  3. Write short notes on Floppy Drive.
  4. Write short notes on Hard Disk.
  5. What is CHS?
  6. What is Cluster?
  7. Write three types of Hard Disk.
  8. Write short notes on File System.
  9. Write three file systems.
  10. What is Platter?
  11. What is Pits and Land?
  12. What is DVD?
  13. Compare CD-ROM, DVD-ROM.
  14. What is data?

Unit 4

  1. Write major signal in Parallel Port.
  2. Short notes on Parallel Port.
  3. What is IEEE 1284?
  4. Write major signal in Serial port.
  5. Write three IEEE 1284 standards.
  6. Write five different in IEEE1284.
  7. Short notes on Asynchronous communication
  8. What is the use of video adapter’s?
  9. Write different names of Video Adapter.
  10. Types of Modem?
  11. Write the steps to installing the sound card.
  12. Write short notes on DirectX
  13. What is the use of mice?
  14. Who the keyboards work?

Unit 5

  1. What is Buses?
  2. Different types of Bus.
  3. What is PCI?
  4. What is the use of PCI?
  5. What is ISA?
  6. Write Different types of ISA?
  7. What is AGP?
  8. Write different types of AGP?
  9. Write short notes on AGP Pro?
  10. List out the PnP devices.
  11. What is EISA?
  12. What is MCA?
  13. What is SCSI?
  14. What is the use of SCSI?
  15. Write the different version of SCSI?
  16. What is USB?
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