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Model Question Part B



Unit 2

  1. Explain in detail about sockets and slots? ©
  2. Draw the block diagram of D850GB and mark the power and control connectors.
  3. Explain the different types of form factors? ©
  4. How to upgrade the Mother Board and write the upgrading problems.
  5. Write the standard CMOS setup.
  6. Write the POST operation in detail. ©
  7. Write the entire BIOS Feature?
  8. Write the Boot Sequences of American Megatrends? ©
  9. Write the Boot Sequences of Award Software?
  10. Write the Boot Sequences of Phoenix Technologies?
  11. Explain the BIOS shortcomings and Compatibility Issues?
  12. Explain the Switching Power Supply with Diagram? ©
  13. Write the Potential power problems?
  14. Explain the Power management in detail? ©


Unit 3

  1. Explain Magnetic Recording Principles with Diagram? ©
  2. Explain the Floppy disk Organization?
  3. Explain Data Organization on a Hard Disk? ©
  4. Explain the Hard Disk sector Layout with diagram?
  5. Explain IDE Hard Drive Technology? ©
  6. Explain the CD-ROM electronics with diagram?
  7. Explain the DVD-ROM protection technology?
  8. How the DVD-ROM Decoder is working? ©


Unit 4

  1. Explain IEEE 1284? ©
  2. Explain the Parallel Port Signal?
  3. Explain the different IEEE 1284 Modes? ©
  4. Explain the Serial Port Signals? ©
  5. Explain conventional Video Adapters with diagram?
  6. Explain different Video Display Hardware?
  7. Explain the Video Accelerator Board with Diagram? ©
  8. Discuss 3D Graphics Accelerator Issues?
  9. Explain the Mouse operation and Construction?
  10. Explain the Internal/External Modems operation with diagram? ©
  11. Explain the Keyboard Matrix? ©
  12. Explain the operation of MIDI with diagram? ©
  13. Explain the Audio Benchmarks? ©


Unit 5


  1. Explain ISA in detail?
  2. Explain different types of PCI and its Signals? ©
  3. Explain AGP with Interface diagram? ©
  4. Explain the SCSI concept in detail? ©
  5. Explain the USB architecture?

© Important Question    ALL THE VERY BEST

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  1. praveena
    April 28, 2009 at 10:30 PM

    i need unit 2 notes

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