Anna University First Year

Sub Code: GE2112                                                                              Date: 19.9.08

Sub Name: Fundamentals of Computing and Programming              MECH I sem

Assignment No: 1

Unit No-1


1. What is a computer?

2. What are the important characteristics of computer?

3. What is the first mathematical device built and when was it built?

4. Who is called the father of Computer Technology?

5. How many generations the evolution of computer is divided?

6. The personal computers that you see today is in which generation of


7. Why is computer known as data processor?

8. Explain in brief the various generations in computer technology?

9. Write a short note on Fifth Generation of computer. What makes it

different from Fourth generation computer?

10. Why did the size of computer get reduced in third generation


11 .Give short notes on the following

(a) Versatility (b) Storage

(c) Slide Rule (d) Babbage’s Analytical Engine

12. Distinguish between Microcomputer and Mainframe computer.

13. What are the five basic operations performed by the computer?

14. Define ALU, CU and CPU.

15. Draw a block diagram to illustrate the basic organization of

Computer system and explain the function of various units.

16. What is input device? How does it differ from output device?

LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION: September 26, 2008

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